Advisory Services

Our Advisory team creates and provides personalized, inventive, and complete solutions for specific client job needs with the utmost level of professionalism. The major goal of providing advisory services, led by partners with industry and function specializations, is to provide greater focus to the value proposition by supplying a larger variety of advisory services and competencies. Universal Estrella provides a comprehensive variety of services to assist clients and customers in overcoming issues. Currently, our advisory services include:

Well Construction & Optimization

Universal Estrella provides a flexible manufacturing and design solution approach of well-construction and offers a variety of manufacturing choices to suit customers' demands. Our extensive understanding of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) and project management enables us to optimize the total cost and timing benefits of customers' fabrication and construction configuration.

Our well-construction and Optimization services include:

Provision of Well Intervention and Lifting Services

The capacity to carry out cost-effective intervention programs is important for ensuring optimal performance throughout the life of the well. Our well-intervention services ensure that the most up-to-date tools are constantly available and that our clients are provided with the best solutions. We provide services and solutions that monitor, improve, regulate, and process flow from high-value oil and gas wells, from exploration and appraisal to mature field production optimization and improvement. With a particular emphasis on offshore, deepwater, and other technically demanding settings. Also, we provide an effective lifting service with the supply of lifting equipment and inspection.

Provision of Well Abandonment Service

To facilitate the abandonment of wells, a comprehensive service is offered. This service is available on both slickline and electric line. Universal Estrella, in cooperation with our suppliers, can deliver unique solutions to any well abandonment project, resulting in a cost-effective package. Also, we provide recommendations for our Clients that are both cost-effective and ecologically appropriate, and we follow through with the creation of comprehensive processes, permit deliverables, and job execution plans.

Provision of Well Completion and Sand Control Services

Universal Estrella provides effective well-completion design programs, as well as coordinating and managing field activities for testing, cementing, completion, sand control, aciding, and stimulation. Our sand control systems stop reservoir sand and fines from migrating into a wellbore, stabilizing the reservoir and increasing productivity. We induce and supply the industry's top dependable goods and related services based on the needs of the customer.

Provision of Well Completion Fluids, Associated Chemicals, and Additives

Universal Estrella provides fluids for completing jobs, chemicals, and additives that are tailored to meet the demands of current and future customers. We procure and apply high-standard additives to constantly maintain quality and supply security for our clients. By doing these, we can achieve a cost-effective provision of well-completion fluids and more.

Drilling and Completion Services

With our qualified engineers, we have the capacity to drill safely and provide a fit-for-use-well in the most efficient way possible to reduce the overall well cost.

Procurement of Drilling and Completion OCTG Materials and Accessories

In line with our effective services, we procure well-drills, Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), and related accessories to satisfy our customer’s demands.

Tubular Running Services

Our Tubular Running Services (TRS) combines the Casing Drive SystemTM tool with the rig to provide a safer workplace by keeping employees out of the red zone, potentially decreasing on-site staff by half. With a single touch, our systems let the driller take control and deliver the casing with consistency and reproducibility. This features enhanced functionality including auto-fill and cross-thread detection, as well as fast delivery.

Integrated Project Management

We know how to scale adoption and manage change in the most difficult of environments. Our Integrated Project Management team utilizes software on the front lines of client operations to ensure safety, performance, and long-term viability. Our automatic and predictive features such as intelligent algorithms, smart warnings, and real-time engineering models aid in simulating downhole conditions and predicting risks before they become issues. We also source out the materials needed for efficient drilling and well completion processes. All these features not only increase operational effectiveness but also minimize the need for ongoing monitoring to boost team productivity.

Our Integrated Project Management processes include:

  • Designing all the wells required using software

  • Drilling the Wells after designing them

  • Completing the Wells

  • Handing over to the client.

Pipeline Installation & Management

We are professionals in the specification, procurement, calibration, installation, piping, commissioning, and maintenance of pipelines for a variety of applications in industrial and commercial processes, and we ensure the safe execution and operation of the process. We take into account an effective risk assessment procedure before embarking on any pipeline installation to save lives, time, and money.

Our pipeline installation and management services include:

  • Onshore and Offshore Pipe and Cable Laying

    We carry out the design, implementation, and development of both onshore and offshore pipe and cable laying. This includes a comprehensive range of onshore pipe and cable laying services, as well as drill pipe and drill tool inspection. At Universal Estrella, we have the knowledge and resources to execute efficient and complete onshore and offshore pipe and cable laying programs, whether the operation is done traditionally or with automated equipment.

  • Pipe Fitting and Welding Services

    Universal Estrella has qualified welders on staff who are specialists in the industry. Our pipe fitting and welding services specialize in platform structures, pipe fitting, and other structural work. Stainless steel, copper, mild steel, black pipe, and aluminum are common materials used in typical projects. Universal Estrella has a long history of offering high-quality services at reasonable costs. Certified expert welders, dependability, timeliness, and professional services are just a few of the characteristics that have propelled the business to the top.

Marine Logistics & Procurement

We operate in the field of diverse logistics and procurement services. Our approach to logistics and procurement service enables our customers to focus on the main area of interest. We know the importance of logistics and support for our customers' seamless operations so we constantly go further to provide the finest experience at all times. Also, we do a proper review and assessment in the procurement of the materials needed for different jobs to suit the taste of our customers.

Some of our services in logistics and procurement include;

  • Swamp/Offshore Logistics

    We are up to the task when it comes to offering effective logistics such as trucking and other transport solutions. Universal Estrella makes sure carriages and goods are delivered in time to their necessary and respective destinations without damages.

  • Swamp/Offshore Security

    Universal Estrella provides offshore security services which can be delivered separately or together with our logistics services depending on the customers choice and taste. We make sure carriages and goods are well secured and protected from physical damages, theft, and burglary.


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