About Us


At Universal Estrella, we promise you, our esteemed client, Quality and Safe Projects. Delivered at the shortest time possible, one that will stand the test of time ensuring the project is done once in it’s lifetime.


What Universal Estrella offers

  • Experience

    With about 50 combined years of experience, you are at peace with the knowledge that your project is being handled by Professionals

  • Track Records

    A company is only as good as it's team. With Founders that have actively worked with different major oil companies, you are rest assured that your project is in competent hands.

  • Industry Relationship

    As with every aspect of life, your good relationships make your life easier. It is same with Universal Estrella. Over the years, the founders have gathered contacts in the Industry.

What does this mean for me?

It means that even in cases where we cannot handle your project, we can recommend top tier companies to you. We can also get whatever and whoever is needed for your project even if we do not have them currently.

Simply, We are your One Stop Solution for all Oil and Gas Projects.


Work health and safety policy


Universal Estrella is dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees (including contractors and volunteers), as well as clients, visitors, and members of the general public. As far as it is practically feasible, hazards and dangers to health and safety will be avoided or minimized.

The person in charge of the business or undertaking (PCBU), directors, and management are ultimately responsible for health and safety. Workers have significant health and safety obligations in the workplace.

We are committed to complying with Labour, Safety, Health and Welfare (LSHW), Occupational Safety and Health Bill 2012, Codes of practice, and other safety-related materials.

Management will:

Workers will:

We aim to offer a safe and healthy work environment devoid of occupational injury and disease.
This can only be accomplished with everyone’s participation, cooperation, and dedication in the workplace.